LG73 UHD Radio

LG73's state of the art audio quality is the result of a very advanced audio chain that includes the amazing Orban Optimod PCn 1600 multi-band processing system.

LG73 streams are encoded using StreamS Hi-Fi Encoder from Modulation Index, LLC. StreamS uses top quality genuine Fraunhofer/Dolby encoders.

The end result of all this is the best sound possible at a given bit-rate.

With LG73 UHD Radio streams you get the best technology available to maximize your listening enjoyment. For best playback results use a player that features genuine Fraunhofer and Dolby/Coding Technologies decoders (e.g. WinAmp, iTunes, StreamS).


Listening to the 320k AAC Icecast Stream

The LG73 320k AAC stream lets you enjoy crystal clear UHD Radio over broadband, LTE and 3G cellular connections with amazing transparency and high-fidelity. Compatible players for the AAC stream include iTunes 9 (or newer) for Mac and Windows (except iTunes 12.0.1, 12.1 is fine), WinAmp for Windows, Streams for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (4th Generation), iPod Touch and iPad., FStream for Mac, iPod Touch and iPhone; RealPlayer 11 for Mac, Windows and Linux; and VLC for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Additional players for iPhone and iPod Touch include Tunemark Radio (Tunemark lets you pause, rewind and fast forward live net radio!), Internet RadioBOX, Shoutcast Radio on iPhone and StreamItAll Radio. You can also simply click on the links to the 320k or 80k streams directly and they will open up in QuickTime Player on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You may also find additional radio apps compatible with LG73 320k AAC in the App Store. Some Nokia, Blackberry and other smart phones are also compatible with LG73 320k AAC.

If you need to manually enter a URL into your media player to connect, try https://www.maxradio.ca/LG73_live.pls for a consistent URL that should always work.


Listening to the 80k HE-AAC Icecast Stream

The LG73 80k HE-AAC stream lets you enjoy crystal clear UHD Radio over low bandwidth connections with amazing clarity. Compatible players for the HE-AAC stream include Safari/QuickTime in iOS4 for iPhone and iPod Touch and newer, iTunes 10.4 for Mac and Windows and newer, WinAmp for Windows, and Streams for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV (4th Generation). While Open Source software is cool, genuine licensed Fraunhofer/Coding Technologies/Dolby decoders are best.

If you need to manually enter a URL into your media player to connect, try https://www.maxradio.ca/LG73_HE-AAC.pls for a consistent URL that should always work.


UHD Radio

Development of LG73's amazing sound quality led to creating UHD Radio. UHD Radio Stereo is created with the Orban Optimod PCn, the ultimate streaming audio processor, and StreamS Hi-Fi Encoders, the best and easiest way to do HLS direct streams.

Over time more and more listeners describe UHD Radio as "the best sound on the net." LG73 UHD Radio is available in 320/48 AAC stereo (Icecast), 80/48 HE-AAC stereo (Icecast and HLS), 40/48 xHE-AAC HLS stereo and 320/48 AAC 5.1 surround (HLS). For best results with the HLS web players use the latest versions of any modern web browser, iTunes for Mac and Windows, and StreamS Hi-Fi Radio for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and 4th generation Apple TV. For best results with the Icecast 2 streams, we recommend iTunes 9.2.1 or newer (Mac and Windows), WinAmp for Windows, and StreamS Hi-fi Radio for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and 4th generation Apple TV. All of them have genuine Fraunhofer/Coding Technologies/Dolby decoders for best quality AAC and HE-AAC playback.


LG73 Live Chat (IRC)

LG73's IRC Live Chat is accessible directly from the LG73 web site with the LG73 Chat link. That opens up a new browser window and loads up an AJAX IRC client application called KiwiIRC. You can choose a nickname before or after you connect. To change your nickname just type /nick a space and the nickname of your choice. Nicknames can't contain spaces and select other prohibited characters.

See you in LG73 Live Chat!



LG73's music is licenced through SOCAN.